Unbounded!: Exploring Spirituality Through Mindwalking Volume 2

In this vol. II of “Unbounded!”, clients are seen to fully extend their consciousness in the attempt to grasp ultimate spiritual truth, and so are lead to astound­ing dis­coveries of worlds way beyond the peri­meter of the Earth. During the ongoing MindWalking session, con­tacts are made with hostile alien entities as well as well-meaning angelic beings. Mystical in­sights open up which compare to the peak points of any spiritual tra­dition. It is only a thin veil sep­arating us from those worlds beyond, a veil that can be easily lifted – as evidenced by nu­merous authentic session experiences without prior dogmatic in­struction or esoteric initiation. – A breathtaking jour­ney through the utter reaches of the mind, yet always based on sound psychological principles.

Having done the three-day session program, I can simply say it was truly life-changing, most importantly with regard to my career and to “what the hell am I doing here?“. The information gleaned covered my “journey“ from the very beginning to today, a massive amount of relief. (Lawrence R., South Africa)

The benefits of working with the MindWalking tools and approaches are major and arguably unique in their efficiency and effectiveness. Maybe the best metaphor is to imagine MindWalking as laser guided surgery to operate on the problem areas of our minds. The great ad­vantage is that you can control the gradient of your surgery so that you can pace the benefits to fit your needs. (David P., Australia)


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