A 10-week self-guided training course in a scientific protocol for seeing across space and time.

Remote Viewing is the ability to extend your perceptions across space and time. It is a technology of consciousness that allows you to collect accurate, verifiable information about places, people, and events far removed from your physical body.


What You Will Recieve:

  • Ten Audio Learning Sessions
    David Morehouse offers his renowned comprehensive training program in the practice of Coordinate Remote Viewing.
  • Three Remote Viewing Training Exercises
    Put your training into action with a direct experience Remote Viewing. Each session contains a unique target and extensive analysis to help you track your progress as a Remote Viewer.
  • 284 Pages of Written Instruction
    Delve deeper into the history and practice of Remote Viewing with this comprehensive manual, featuring detailed definitions and reference guides for every face of the practice.
  • Cool-Down Audio Track
    David Morehouse has found that this psychoacoustic “pink noise” track is especially effective for helping us enter the brainwave state of relaxed awareness needed for Remote Viewing.
  • Complete Downloads of All Course Materials
    The Remote Viewing Online Training Course contains the equivalent content of one of David Morehouse’s live training retreats, valued at roughly $1,300. The complete course is yours to keep and enjoy as you integrate Remote Viewing into your own life.
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