THE PORTAL: The Ultimate Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Life-Manifestation Course. Going through The Portal Activates your Birthright of True Superpowers and Peace.

You can listen part of the course, sample of an audio session “Find and go center of your being” here.

Garanteed to unlock the Hidden Infinite Force within, making you see your world differently and automatically change it, with no effort whatsoever.

Discover How You Can Achieve Success After Success By Perceiving Anything Anywhere In Space And Time Within The Screen Of Your Own Inner Mind And Become A Master At Powerfully Influencing And Manifesting Your Reality To Have The Life You Desire And Deserve.

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In The Portal Training Course, you will easily learn to integrate our powerful mind enhancement technology which has vast practical applications such as…

Perceive anything anyplace in space and time using potent techniques that go powerfully beyond current Western and Eastern intelligence agencies’ espionage methods.

Enhance your life in almost any conceivable way.

Perceive any present, past, or probable future situation, event, or place.

Improve your prosperity – the application of viewing the future is extraordinary for investments, business, and employment opportunities.

Improve relationships.

Intuit dangerous or unpleasant situations in advance and avoid them.

Sense health issues and prevent or correct them.

Learn to recognize and listen to your inner guidance that sends messages to protect and help you.

Swiftly learn to enter a deep meditative state of mind usually reserved for sleep and remain aware in it like a Zen or Yoga master, then access the quantum soup of all future probabilities and choose the ones you really desire to improve all facets of your life.

Learn to remain in the calm and peaceful “eye” of present and future life hurricanes, no matter how strong the swirling storm is around you.

Keep yourself energized and young at heart, mind, and body.

Help heal yourself and others of physical, mental, and spiritual wounds and ills.

Program yourself to exude charismatic happiness, harmony, and passion in your life.

Know that you are always “protected: and project a contagious positive attitude.

Improve your financial situation, work, and personal relationships.

Easily make your dreams come true.

Be limited only by your imagination …

Enroll in The Portal Training Course here.

The Portal Training Course teaches you: how to access levels of your deep unconscious vibratory self (Delta level of Mind: usual deep sleep, and beyond), while remaining in a conscious full aware awake state, that then allows you to easily mold reality to your highest and best wishes.

You are taught: how to access incredibly high levels of Creative energy that allow for the rapid manifestation of desires based upon your thoughts.

You are taught the real Rules and Laws of co-Creation.

You learn to build a highly vibratory and impregnable self-defense shield of protection around yourself that will keep you safe from the undesirable thoughts and influences of others and remain unaffected by the vibrations and thoughts of mass consciousness movements.

You are taught why fearsome and stressful situations keep your vibrations down and enslave you in a non-aware state. You learn how to rise above the old consciousness operating system and let go of its grip and influence. You are then totally protected and become aware of it.

You are given an essential, and up-to-now secret key, which has been missing from most creative positive visualization programs, causing them to operate haphazardly and ineffectively.

You learn to deprogram yourself easily from past fear/conditioning, including that which has been inherited through your social/genetic background. You experience great and profound healing of old known or hidden emotional and soul scars. You regain the constant vigor and exciting trepidation of youth.

You are gifted back the key to your own inner guidance system that will always steer you towards better-chosen realities.

You learn how to activate special centers in your brain that will cleanse your thought processes, and /or energize your desired manifestations. Other centers are activated that are used to enter the realm of physical anesthesia, or even parallel realms of light/creation.

You learn to powerfully remote influence (not control) the thoughts of others for your mutual benefit and mankind’s.

Enroll in The Portal Training Course here.

You learn to heal many Physical, mental, or spiritual dysfunctions by vibrating your being to higher quanta of vibratory energy and hence activate higher DNA programs dormant within the misunderstood so-called junk DNA (constituting for now 90% of your DNA). Your biology can then become automatically reprogrammed from the subconscious. This has a profound impact on your biology (healing, well-being, rejuvenation, and longevity), you mind’s intelligence will seem to soar as equivalent dormant sections of your brain (constituting for now 90 % of your brain) are activated, and your spirit/Higher Self then operates at a higher orbital Light quantum of superior and more refined Life Energy. Nothing in nature is Created as “junk” – neither in the DNA life computer or in your brain. The mere fact that we still do not understand something does not make it a redundant “junk” area. All you need is the “key” to the activation of these dormant areas and we provide you with the “code” to activate it, for the key is WITHIN you. Then you will have access to new and more evolved information that can then be easily downloaded, i.e. inspired, to you. Many students, during that phase, call us, or post on the forum, asking us about the various physical changes and symptoms they are experiencing as this process is unfolding. We always offer guidance and help.

You learn how to use the high vibratory rate of human reproductive activity to program for super-offspring who will be able to change our world for the better and are dearly needed in this transitory age. You will be able to magnificently improve their DNA makeup by understanding hidden laws within the thought/DNA relationship. You are given vibratory codes to automatically activate new Light strands of DNA

You are taught to raise the vibratory rate of your consciousness, the consciousness of the individuals with whom you interact, and eventually the whole of Mankind, thru projecting pure joy and playfulness. Fear and its lower dark vibrations then have neither hold nor power over you.

You learn to understand the reality of sleep, and how sleep can powerfully be used in order to program, create, and influence your reality and others’.

You also learn to use the power of lucid dreaming in order to manifest realities in the “awake state.”

You are taught how to raise the vibrations of your loved ones and eventually of this magnificent planet, so that aggression, neglect and misused power will not find sympathetic resonant recipients.

You are then to experience the “Kingdom within” and act as the “King” of your universe.

Enroll in The Portal Training Course here.

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