Undeground UFO Bases

REMOTE VIEWING: US Army: Ancient Bases Under Earth Are ‘Relaying’ Something Into Space

Not widely known about, Project 8200 was an effort within the US Army’s remote viewing unit to verify claims of subterranean extraterrestrial bases made by CIA analyst Pat Price in the 1970s. *We obtained every ’82 to ’86-era declassified file… Read More ›

Nazis, Vril Secret Society, Secret bases on Antarctica, UFOs, Operation Highjump, Black Sun

https://www.bitchute.com/video/1Xhz2bMiK0CL/?fbclid=IwAR2koIILUzsK7qlr1c6bkGS6bIsqiyqNWZgCo3BbaQ1oWRs2bX7vxRfLenw The re-emergence of history’s most murderous philosophy has prompted the awakening of the “antitoxin to the Communist disease.” What lurks beneath the ice at the end of the Earth? Is it friend or foe and is it even human… Read More ›