The Matrix

WILD STUFF! Finally, Someone Comes Forward…This Will Leave You Speechless!

This is BIG, they are beginning to release information through certain channels. Now we know why they are here, what they are doing and what they want. You will be surprised how many different types there are. The Spirit Team:… Read More ›

Soul-Catching Net: We Are “Recycled” at Death to Remain in the Matrix As Don Juan put it in Castaneda’s final book, The Active Side of Infinity, we are like humaneros, raised like livestock on a farm to be exploited. Remember also The Matrix series of films. Morpheus shows Neo the shocking… Read More ›

Royal Parasites & Black Magicians Surrounded by a cast of uniformed magicians in fuzzy hats who march around reinforcing the terror trance, these “royal” family welfare cases depend on humanity remaining under the illusion that people who live in castles should be respected rather than reviled…. Read More ›