Simulation Theory

Multiple Realities, A.I. X, The Bible Controversy & 2040| Jason Breshears Interview

The Spirit Team: Things are getting more and more crazier because you MUST WAKE UP of this matrix, simulation, hypnosis, “dream”, spell, witchcraft, call it how you want! Watch the movie “They Live” or smth similar, then you will understand…. Read More ›

We Are A Virtual Reality Game Created By ET

Word. Amen. #UpgradeOfTheMatrix #UpgradeOfTheMind #UpgradeOfTheProgram #WeAreDigitsAsAwarenessesWithinStreamOfProgrammedConsciousness #TomCampbell #MonroeInstitute Just a theory, mind you. No one actually told me this, in so many words. If it is a game, remember the rules now include, sustainability, inclusion, and diversity. Join Us:… Read More ›

Nick Bostrom: Why Our Brains Themselves May Be Simulated

Taken from JRE #1350 w/Nick Bostrom: Fascinating conversation. I also recommend you to read a book “Unbounded! Vol.2. Exploring Spirituality through MindWalking” where participants/patients describe through their sessions of memory recall technique MindWalking how they and all humanity are… Read More ›