Remote Viewing Online Course

How to Remote View (TDRV) – with Walter Nowosad & John Vivanco

We discuss the Trans Dimensional Remote Viewing (TDRV) methodology: 1: Advanced Perceptual (AP) – cool-down remote viewing – stream what you sense 2: Transit Line – Header and transit line; tag/address 3: Scans / Surveys 4: Collectors – Defined and… Read More ›

Remote Viewing 101 – The Complete Lesson

Required Links for this Course: ******************** SRV Affirmation:… Initial Descriptors:… Vocabulary Sheet:… SRV Template:… Random Number Generator:… ******************** Music: Memory Lane – Spaceinvader Watch REAL Remote Viewing here: Farsight Prime: Farsight:… Instagram: @sageofnamek… Read More ›