Quantum Computer Simulation

Q-HIVE, The Future, Bold Predictions 2020 & Beyond, Machine Will Run for President 2032

This is a Live Think Tank Session, Live Action Role Playing, Predictions for 2020 & Beyond Phones Will be in Your Head within 3-4 Years Quantum Internet, DNA Interface, Mind Maps, Connected to Deep Learning, Supercomputers and the Rise of… Read More ›

Nick Bostrom: Why Our Brains Themselves May Be Simulated

Taken from JRE #1350 w/Nick Bostrom: https://youtu.be/5c4cv7rVlE8 Fascinating conversation. I also recommend you to read a book “Unbounded! Vol.2. Exploring Spirituality through MindWalking” where participants/patients describe through their sessions of memory recall technique MindWalking how they and all humanity are… Read More ›