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SSP Update:THE ANDROMEDA SYNDICATE – Beware Galactic Federations of Seductive Human ETs

The Spirit Team: “As “I” have seen and experienced The Stillness/Silence/Absolute/Purity “sees” a dream about Itself. All perceivable is a “fruit”/reflection of Imagination of/by/from the Stillness/Silence on and Within Itself. And to forget Itself It started to use Ego and… Read More ›

Ingo Swann’s Penetration (Remote Viewing The “Moon” and UFO MotherShip-15) with Daz Smith

#RemoteViewing #TheMoon #TheSpirit #TheGrace #TheCosmicBreath #UniverseVersusUInVerse #ExploringYourself #InTheCosmicGameWithAmnesia #TheMentalProgramGame #EverythingIsProgram Daz Smith is the editor and publisher of Eight Martinis: The State of the Art of Remote Viewing. He is author of Surfing the Psychic Internet, CRV: Controlled Remote Viewing,… Read More ›


A rather rambling, stream-of-consciousness talk about how consciousness works, and who owns the world. Many of these experiences are, in fact, true. #TheGreatReset #woowoo #remoteviewing 🚀Join Us: ✅💥 https://patreon.com/cryptoviewing 💥https://twitter.com/cryptoviewing 💥https://facebook.com/cryptoviewing 💥https://www.instagram.com/cryptoviewing/ 💥https://cryptoviewing.com

The Moon Is Not What You Think – What They Saw Will Shock You

Stream more episodes from Deep Space here 👉 http://bit.ly/UIY_Deep_Space 👈 Uncover the truth about ancient extraterrestrial civilizations, suppressed antigravity technology, off-planet bases & civilizations, humanity’s progenitor race, NASA operations & agenda, and the Secret Space Program! Could the moon be… Read More ›