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The Secrets Of Reality Shifting

This discusses the online community of reality shifting. How you can live in entirely separate lucid realities for years at a time and then comeback. Some people have claimed to have live years at Hogwarts through reality shifting for instance…. Read More ›


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REMOTE VIEWING: Things Are Getting Interesting

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It’s Hidden in Plain Sight. We’re Not Humans | David Icke

#PlatosCave #Aether #LightConsistingEnergyAndInformation #HumanPerception #RealityDecodedByBrain #PerceivedThroughMind #RunByEgo #GodIsAStateOfAwareness #Atman #Brahman The Truth is hidden in plain sight. It’s so obvious once you lose the blinders and allow for it to reveal itself to you. The time is now! ▹ More from David… Read More ›

C.I.A DECLASSIFIED – The Gateway Experience: Brain Hemisphere Synchronization

Link to C.I.A Document: https://www.cia.gov/readingroom/docs/… LINK TO THE GATEWAY EXPERIENCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqlaR… **DO NOT SKIP AHEAD, EACH TAPE NEEDS TO BE LISTENED TO IN THE CORRECT SYNTAX. The author of The Gateway Process report is Lieutenant Colonel Wayne M. McDonnell, hereon… Read More ›