Electromagnetic Mind Control

MUST WATCH & LISTEN!!! Especially all “order followers”. The Majik of Mind Control and How The Whole World Has Been Put To Sleep

The Spirit Team: I’m glad I found this guy who really understands how all this works in our world. Respect! To all others I recommend to read a book https://www.amazon.com/Unbounded-Vol-2-Exploring-Spirituality-MindWalking-ebook/dp/B01FFXVCTY Exploring Spirituality through MindWalking. MindWalking is a memory recall technique… Read More ›

A post 800. REMOTE VIEWING: Human Leadership Has Been Compromised – Trailer

#ThePope #HiddenHigherEntities #InterdimensionalEntitites #ManipulationOfMasses #ManipulatedHumanity #MindControlledSocieties See it only at: http://farsightprime.com The Farsight Institute at: http://farsight.org Release Date: 15 March 2020 from Farsight Also, check out Farsight’s Time-Cross Project: Mysteries Unveiled! http://farsight.org/demo/Time_Cross_P… YOU CAN HELP! Please consider contributing captions in… Read More ›