covid-19 hoax

China Orders Preparations for New COVID-19 Outbreak

The next stage of the psy op called “morona” is about to begin.#EarthAsCosmicConcentrationCamp #HiTechPrisonPlanet #MandatoryMicrochipping #UpgradeOfTheMatrix #PrisonOfSouls Live Q&A: China Orders Preparations for New COVID-19 Outbreak; Bill Maher Warns of Trump 2024 Victory ( Covid-19: A Psychological Military Operation, Part… Read More ›

Assault On Humanity

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Top Vaccine Insider Says The Vax Will Cause a Worldwide Genocide Sorry, that WordPress doesn’t support LBRY… Shame on you! Here is the video. Anarchapulco 2021 videos: Subscribe to TDV: Buy My Book, “The Controlled Demolition of The American Empire”: Subscribe to the TCV Summit: Uncle Vigilante: As video platforms… Read More ›