Brain Implants

Sorry, I’m afraid I have to stop you right there, I don’t Speak Brainwashed. Is everything inverted?

Do these three things to enter into our 50 x Cleansing Negative Energy Packs: Join Mark Bajerski Group on Telegram link below ​ Make a donation to richie allen radio show link below “Richie Allen – – The… Read More ›

“This Could Be a Tragedy For Humanity” | The First Brain Chip Implant

#StrongerVersionOfTheMindMatrix #SelfForgottenConsciousness #SatanicNeuralink #BrainwashedHumanity #DumbedDownHumans #MindControlledCollectiveConsciousness “It’s the first chip implanted into the human brain” ►Special thanks to our friends from London Real for this amazing interview. Subscribe to their channel:…

Nick Bostrom: Why Our Brains Themselves May Be Simulated

Taken from JRE #1350 w/Nick Bostrom: Fascinating conversation. I also recommend you to read a book “Unbounded! Vol.2. Exploring Spirituality through MindWalking” where participants/patients describe through their sessions of memory recall technique MindWalking how they and all humanity are… Read More ›