Get a free E-book and tutorial videos of Remote Viewing ! TDS-method. Basics.

Free remote viewing lessons. Plus commentary, witty conversation, weird stories, and things your mamma doesn’t want you to know.

The Spirit Team: Please be aware that this book is old, but the method introduced here works as well as 17 and more years ago. Also some links in this book don’t work anymore. But still, a content of the book is worth to study.

I as Sun Streak have also studied by those lessons and later took an online class from John Vivanco who was those days back part of a group of remote viewers with Prudence Calabrese as an author of this book.

Later I took an online class from John Vicanco who teaches TDRV-method of remote viewing. This TDRV-method is an upgraded and modified method of TDS about which you can learn from this book here.

Although I have also studied a bit CRV and SRV, the TDRV suited for me the most. This is really easy acquirable method. Also, a style how John teaches is simple and interesting.

Please note: this is not paid promotion. The Spirit Team does it for free, since we are interested that spiritual beings in human forms would find and train their innate psychic abilities and rediscover themselves as who they Truly Are.

Also you can find free seven tutorial videos about TDS on youtube. Here is a part 1 from this series:

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