Remote Viewing

You can watch a trailer of a documentary about remote viewing and viewers “Third Eye Spies” from here:


The Spriti Team: “There is actually Nobody (somebody is just “your” ego forming your action figure in this insane game). You are actually seeing a Dream about Your Self in “human” form as a local, aware point/unit of The Wholeness… Read More ›

“Remote Viewing” put in an “easy to read” format. Incredible! The ability to grasp our reality is based on our ability to process thoughts, which are manifested in the hologram experienced as earth reality, to which we now claim ownership and observership. Perhaps we can compare it with plugging… Read More ›

Ingo Swann’s Penetration (Remote Viewing The “Moon” and UFO MotherShip-15) with Daz Smith

#RemoteViewing #TheMoon #TheSpirit #TheGrace #TheCosmicBreath #UniverseVersusUInVerse #ExploringYourself #InTheCosmicGameWithAmnesia #TheMentalProgramGame #EverythingIsProgram Daz Smith is the editor and publisher of Eight Martinis: The State of the Art of Remote Viewing. He is author of Surfing the Psychic Internet, CRV: Controlled Remote Viewing,… Read More ›