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Ukraine Expected to Fall in 30 Days

Unless NATO steps in Ukraine are not expected to hold more than 30 days but NATO stepping up could lead to WWIII and 2 other fronts China Taiwan and Israel Iran are expected to open up as a result. Thank… Read More ›

CHILD TRAFFICKING – First It Will SHOCK The World – Then It Will CHANGE It!/RNA in breast milk

Full version of the documentary: https://rumble.com/v1ef59d-live-world-premiere-these-little-ones.html RNA in breast milk #CosmicMadness #UltimateCosmicInJustice #CosmicConcentrationCamp #CosmicSurvivalMonopolyGame #OvertakenPlaygroundForSpiritualAndLightBeingsByParasites #BeReady #ItsNowReleasedAndComing #TheAbsoluteJusticeForEveryOneEveryBody