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Dear Reader, welcome to The Spirit Team,

I’m glad to see you landed on The Spirit Team website. You will find here over 1000 (a thousand!) links to videos, articles and other materials. I have been gathering the materials daily basis as they pop up in my newsfeeds I follow. I hope you’ll find this material useful for yourself, as well.

About the content

I only post articles and videos which resonates my Inner/Deeper Self. I listen my inner voice for deciding which material I should share and which not.

All books you will find under Books section are read personally by me and I can boldly recommend them to you as well.

Amongst courses I can boldly recommend Gerald O’Donnel’s „The Portal“ and David Morehouse’s Remote Viewing trainig course. I use „ The Portal “ almost 4-6 times a week, particularly for preparation of sessions of remote viewing. Sometimes I also use it for learning astral projection or getting into a state of Theta or Delta or into The Void. I sometimes just like to leave this insane physical realm and escape to astral realms or states/conditions. I usually find there complete peace, love and safety. But I also have encountered quite interesting figures during my trips… Also, those „visits“ clear and restructure my mind and expand my awareness, inducing understandings of The Big Picture about that Everything IS. After those sessions I feel myself calm, grounded, well-focused and really clearly thinking. I really recommend „The Portal “ training for those who’d like to expand/enhance their awareness and understandings about themselves and what Everything IS.

From a section of Audios you will find material with techniques for improving your mindfulness, health and relationships. I use daily basis Henry Grayson’s (although some others, like this one and this one) techniques and they work really well. I already noticed positive effects after three days use.

Under Health & Protection section you will find health improving and protecting devices and other products, like:

Plant Growth Stimulators
Psychic Attack Protection
Mobile/Cell Phone, Laptop, Router, Smart meter Radiation Protection 188mhz Rings

Orgone Pyramids 5G , EMF, WiFi & Smart Meter Harmonisation Rings etc

and a lot more.

I have used some of them for last 3 years now and they work.

Also you’ll find products made of shungite mineral. Please watch a video about this amazing mineral here.

Shungite EMF protection devices
Harmonizers of Shungite

Shungite Water products

Devices of shungite to create ALKALINE WATER
Shungite Cosmetics
Shungite Toothbrushes
Shungite Dishes
Shungite Necklaces
Shungite Bracelets
Shungite Building mixes
Shungite Tiles & Brick
Dowsing Rods

and a lot more.

About category “My Own Experiences

I decided to publish my stories after reading books „Unbounded!“ Vol 1, Vol 2 and „Future Memory“. I repeatedly found from them confirmation that my own (tens of them for last 22 years ) „para“normal experiencies are not some mental abnormalities, but expanding and awakening events of my own awareness, mind and consciousness. Thus, I took a courage to start to share them with you, too.

Previously I have only shared my experiences with some of my friends and close ones. Now, after reading from aforementioned books that out there are thousands of people with similar experiences as I have, I decided to share my own experiences publicly, as well. I think amongst readers of the site here, are also those who have similar „para“normal experiences. I’ll look forward to hearing from you in comment sections.

I will post my stories bit by bit depending on how much time I’ll have from my other activities. I’ll try to post one story a week, at least.

Also, please condone my imperfections in my English, when you encounter them somewhere in my texts. English is not my native language. And let’s be honest. Three years ago I was only able to say: „My name is… You, me, go!“

At the same time, if you have suggestions about the page, including a content, please let me know by e-mail.

I leave for you here a little passage from a book “Future Memory“. That passage describes precicesly those moments I have been experiencing.

„Future memory happens most frequently to people who are wide awake and actively engaged in life routines, people who suddenly and without warning experience the cessation of time, space, and reality. For them, everything freezes in place … except consciousness.

Once the earthplane and the laws that govern it cease during a future memory episode, the experienced consciousness is freed of any constraints or interference from brain activity. His or Her consciousness, thus released from the necessity to think, expands automatically. Generally, there is an accompanying „feel“ to this expansion that is predictable in how it physically felt. The majority describe this feeling as a rush of energy, often upward in direction, either toward the head or out past the head. If the rush is not felt, then something akin to a prickling sensation or exhilaration or „thrill“ is experienced. When this happens, consciousness seems to align itself or connect within a greater stream of intelligence, a „flow“.

All seem to lead beyond the threshold of rational mind to the existence of yet another type of flow – the way one’s entire life can begin to arrange itself by itself as if fitting into some larger plan.“

„Flow opens wide doorway to unlimited realms of wisdom and knowledge and endless possibility. And it is a major  factor in explaining how multiple realities can be accessed by anyone, at any time, anywhere. Knowing this helps us to conceptualize how future memory might occur. That’s because flow and the phenomenon of preliving the future have a lot in common.“

„When consciousness is allowed to function by itself, without any demands on its thinking aspects, it freely floats into a flow state.“

Since the Phyllis M. H. Atwaters fascinating book „Future Memory“ has become one of my favorites, I will cite from there multiple times more. I’m highly recommending to read that book!

Also, I’m recommending to use the techniques (especially remote viewing, influencing and manifestation ones) found in The Spirit Team website only for good purposes. „What goes around, comes around“. “The Universal Mind is watching”.

I wish you all Good Creative Thoughts and Amazing Journey to The Home,

Sun Streak, Part of The Spirit Team

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