Multiple Realities, A.I. X, The Bible Controversy & 2040| Jason Breshears Interview

The Spirit Team: Things are getting more and more crazier because you MUST WAKE UP of this matrix, simulation, hypnosis, “dream”, spell, witchcraft, call it how you want! Watch the movie “They Live” or smth similar, then you will understand. All this so-called World, “REAL-IT-y” is under a spell, hypnosis, witchcraft, run by narcissistic psychopaths who in turn are run by AI’s “produced” “scenario”. The AI (located outside of this “realm”) runs and controls everybody through InDiviD(e)ual’s/per Son‘s ego (and probably through nervous systems).

Ebareaalselt Reaalne Unenägu:

What is The Evil Force behind all this madness?

The Spirit Team: You Are The Truth and The Justice. You just don’t remember It because of every bs what you have been put to BeLieve in this mind-matrix/prison run by/through InDivi(de)Dual egos. What do You yourself Know and UnderStand as The Self in your human form and expression – without BeLieving Bs told by SomeBody Whom you don’t even know and UnderStand? Stop Lying to Your Self and others. Only say How It Really and Actually Is without pretending something else. Only The Truth is The Only Way to Purify Yourself as The Self in a human form and expression. But the Purification can be really ugly because every piece of sh*t MUST come out into the Light and Burn to the Dust. Purity means The Ultimate Balance – Stillness in The Tranquility. What You Really are.


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