The Unreal Self Cannot Know Real Love – Shunyamurti Teaching

It is time to face the facts of life: You cannot make contact with anything unless you yourself are Real, and the entire project of the ego is to make contact with the imaginary. This world is a hologram, a simulation, an illusion—there is nothing out there. Letting go of belief in any and all self-images, self-concepts, identifications with the body or with the mind, or even with the heart, is the key to real validation and valid realization. This teaching was recorded on the morning of September 3, 2015.

The Spirit Team: Kas “Sa” ja Kõik See on üldse Oled Olemas või Sa Lihtsalt Kujutled Seda IseEndale/IseEndana/iseendale Ette ja Koged Seda Eluna Tunde Kaudu Siin Mingis Loos – Kujutluses Ise Endast iseendana mingis Vormis. Väljenduses ja Aru Saamises?

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