All Constructs Are Only Myths ~ Shunyamurti Classic Teaching

The Spirit Team: Just stop participating in the “real life” “movie” “They Live“. Universe is UInVerse in a form of you. There Is NoBody. Somebody is just a construct of ego. Your “mind” is just an “environment” where “everything” including our “life” is happening. All constructs are part of the Program where you “live” and sleep in being hypnotized into amnesia.

Since there is no matter and no space and no time in any true sense, what do we mean by a universe? Is the whole world consciousness, or is that also a myth? To find the answers to these questions, Shunyamurti reminds us to let go of every mythological construct that we have been holding on to, so all can dissolve into the Absolute Truth of the Ultimate Real. Recorded on the evening of Thursday, November 5, 2009

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