J Krishnamurti: What Are You Looking For?

What Are You Looking For? by J. Krishnamurti: https://theimmeasurable.org/what-are-…

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A new way of living 00:25

The structure of disorder Understanding chaos is required to create a new order and way of life. Rather than trying to understand the good, one must first comprehend the negative. Do you follow? Understanding the structure of disorder produces discipline, discipline that is not based on suppression or imitation, but rather on understanding the structure of disorder. Denial brings about the right discipline, which is order.

As a consequence, 01:00 The beginning of wisdom Wisdom does not come through books, experience, following another, or repeating clichés. Wisdom may be discovered in a mind that comprehends itself, knowing how thought arises. Have you ever wondered about the origins of thought and how it comes into being? This is a critical notion to grasp. Because if you understand the roots of thinking, you may be able to uncover a mind free of thought as a repeat of events. Because, as we mentioned before, thinking is never fresh.

02:00 What are you looking for? Unless you find for yourself—not merely repeat what someone else says, no matter who—the beginning of thinking, like a seed that grows a green leaf, you cannot move beyond the confines of yesterday.

Note: There is no original audio with Krishnamurti’s voice for this excerpt – only a transcript.

Captions included: “There must be a new order, a new way of living. To bring about that new order, that new way of living, we must understand disorder. It is only through negation that you understand the positive, not by the pursuit of the positive. You understand, sir? When you deny, put aside, what is negative; when you understand the whole sociological and inward disorder that human beings have created; when you understand that, as long as each human being is ambitious, greedy, envious, competitive, seeking position, power, authority, he is creating disorder; and when you understand the structure of disorder—that very understanding brings about discipline, discipline not of suppression, not of imitation. Out of negation comes the right discipline, which is order.

So, to understand oneself is the beginning of wisdom. Wisdom does not lie in books, nor in experience, nor in following another, nor in repeating a lot of platitudes. Wisdom comes to a mind that is understanding itself, understanding how thought is born. Have you ever questioned or asked: What is the beginning of thought, how does thought come into being? That is a very important thing to understand. Because, if you can understand the beginning of thought, then perhaps you can find a mind that is not burdened with thought as a repetition of what has been. As we said, thought is always old, thought is never new.

Unless you discover for yourself—not repeat what somebody says, it doesn’t matter who it is—unless you find out for yourself the beginning of thought, like a seed which puts out a green leaf, you cannot possibly go beyond the limitations of yesterday.”

— J. Krishnamurti Talk 3 Bombay, 1967

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