MUST WATCH: They Live Trailer

THEY LIVE is a 1988 American Science-Fiction Action Thriller Film Written and Directed By John Carpenter, Based on the 1963 Short Story “Eight O’Clock In The Morning” By Ray Nelson, And Starring Roddy Piper, Keith David And Meg Foster.

It Follows A Drifter Who Discovers Through Special Sunglasses That The Ruling Class Are Aliens Concealing Their Appearance And Manipulating People To Spend Money, Breed And Accept The Status Quo With Subliminal Messages In Mass Media.

The Following Are Some of the Subliminal Messages Throughout the Movie: We’re Creating The Transparent Computing Environment Control Data Come to The Caribbean Marry And Reproduce No Independent Thought Consume Work 8 Hours Sleep 8 Hours Play 8 Hours Conform Stay Asleep Submit Watch TV Marry and Reproduce Buy No Thought Sleep (The TV is Called Sleep and not Sony) Obey Authority Doubt Humanity No Ideas Surrender Follow Stay Asleep Obey Buy Do Not Question Authority Watch TV No Imagination Honor Apathy On The American Dollar Bill It Says “This Is Your God” This Film Is a Must Watch.

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