The Ego Is an Activity, Not an Entity

Is the ego the same as the separate self? And what is the difference between the ego, separate self and finite mind? The finite mind is the character or clothing that infinite consciousness assumes in order to have objective experience. It can not have objective experience without doing so, without the agency of the finite mind.

However, identification with that finite mind is not necessary. That identification is the activity referred to as ego or separate self. It is not an entity, it is the activity of thinking and feeling that I am separate, temporary and finite.

The ego is a belief, not simply the functioning of the finite mind. We can have finite experience, as we all do every day, without the belief that I am a finite or separate being.

Without the belief in the ego we see and feel that we share the same being. So it is not finite experience that is problematic.

It is beliefs that are problematic. ––

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