The Human Spirit is Rising—Now Our Divine Spirit Must Be Activated

Shunyamurti gives a timely call to action to raise the vibrational frequency of the planet in order to counteract the warring state of Kali Yuga and the current world order: “The human spirit is now rising in the world, awakening to the nature of the situation on the phenomenal plane. And thus, the ruling elite are in a panic mode, and they recognize that they cannot prevent the tide from turning against them and from there being mass arrests for genocide and other crimes against humanity. And because of this they have to divert attention very quickly, and since they cannot prevent their own populations from rising against them in the West they will use Russian missiles to do it for them and Chinese weapons of mass destruction. And its for this reason for playing this last card that they have built massive underground cities with stockpiles of food and they are beginning to move into this next phase in which there will be massive destruction by other means than is currently happening. And this acceleration of events will have many implications because when the war goes kinetic, it will happen in space, under water, under the ground, and it will destroy everything in most parts of the world, and because the war will take place in cyberspace as well, it will cut communications, and it will disrupt every system and it will stop the import of food and fuel and other supplies. So there reverberation will strike everywhere. We must be prepared spiritually and psychologically….”

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