Adyashanti – The Inside of Your Mind

The Spirit Team: Our mind is like a filter or a virtual reality head-set through which we perceive this life and “world” we live in. Our brain is a processor of information which we perceive. Also the brain probably consists the program called Life which we “live” and perceive as a life. Our attention gives as what we perceive and experience and save to our memory as memories. But you yourself is just a part(icle) of the Wholeness Who explores, experiences and saves those experiences into His Memory called Akashic or however you call it. Eventually, The Wholeness and at the same time Nothingness does All That to get to Know Who or What He/It/She Is.
To be continued… 🙂

Received on 1.10.2021. kl 21.10 

Link to the video on youtube: – When we look out upon the world, what we’re really doing is looking in upon our mind. Adyashanti challenges the assumption that our eyes are merely “windows to the world.” He reveals how the mind creates what seems to be objective perception.

Excerpted from July 21, 2021 Summer Online Retreat, “The Essence of Self-Inquiry”:

Quotes from this Video:

“We’re taking in information through our senses. That information is being translated in our minds, instantaneously. And our mind is taking that information, translating it, and creating an image. The image is what you see every time you open your eyes.”

“You’re looking at the world as it’s created in your mind. As it’s interpreted through this incredibly complex brain structure.”

“When our knowing and our being link up as one event, that’s the experience of insight.”

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