💥Two Gods Talk About Human Civilization 👁 ANCIENT MYSTERIES

The Spirit Team: We are confused, lost and out of balance because of our heart and soul is (being) hurt. This is the reason we are not able to or it is difficult to manifest something/anything. We need a deep healing and change in our mentality. Towards Our True Selves Through or With Help of The Nature.

#FearIsTheRealVirus #AskYourselfWhereIsYourATTENTIONMostly #WhyWhatFor #WhatDoYouLookAt #WhatDoYouConsume #WhatDoYouPerceive WhatDoesItDoToYourPerceivingProcess #YouAreInStory #HisTory #Those”gods”AreCompletePsychos #FckTheProgramAnyProgram #CosmicMonopolyGame

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Earth is a Prison Planet

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