The Real HiStory of The Earth?

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The Earth is a Cosmic concentration camp for imprisoned spiritual and light beings in hu(e)man forms controlled by hi-tech technology and collectively hypnotizing mind-program called EGO.

Part 15
Quick re-cap of events and timeline prior to Human-kind Creation

Published: 8/July/2021To make things crystal clear, a quick re-cap of facts and events prior to the beginning of carbon life-form human-kind creation, and the creation of first ever human-kind race here on Earth.

What is Earth and how old is it?

Earth is tiny, microscopic plane, part of enormous silicon based Flat Plain living organism, inhabited by indigenous silicon based humans, animals, and plant-life in titanic proportions. The age of this living organism, which Earth is very tiny and microscopic part of it, is approximately 14 billion years old.

How many Intelligent Civilizations known as ‘Gods’ Live here?

Apart from indigenous silicon based inhabitants, this gigantic silicon based living organism is home to another 10.000.000 intelligent alien intruders of diverse elemental make-up who have intruded this space of living organism, which endlessly over the boundaries of Flat Earth under the Firmament. These intelligent aliens are known as Gods.

Anunaki came here to Harvest a Soul for themselves

Anunaki are one of these 10.000.000 intelligent alien intruders inhabiting this silicon based living organism. When Anunaki arrived here on this tiny portion of flat Earth exactly 7528 years ago, they were all in all 300 family related members. Their mission was to harvest a “SOUL” for themselves because they were Soulless. In order to harvest a soul, they needed to build a soul harvesting facility enclosure, which required clearing the land from the titanic flora and fauna, where the titanic humanoid creatures lived.

Form of Communication between those 10.000.000 intelligent alien intruders

Just like humans on Earth use Cyberspace to store, modify and exchange data through internet World computer network, which is a copy of vastly degraded astral realm of morphic field, intelligent civilizations of Gods use Morphic field as their Cyberspace to store, modify and exchange data through universal network of communication, where all knowledge of intellectual properties is stored for save-keeping and Copyright protection. There is only one common language in the Universe understood and spoken by everyone, and the script of this universal language is written in Runes, and both are known as the language and script of Gods.

Who are Anunaki?

The most accurate account of who Anunaki are, is written in the Middle text of Rosetta Stone!Ever since the middle text written in Runes of the Stone of Rosetta was deciphered by two Macedonian scholars, alongside many other runic texts from Canopus, we now know exactly who Anunaki are. This also constituted Macedonian Pantheon of Gods.First text of Rosetta stone is written in hieroglyphs, invented for the special needs of newly cloned people.Second text is Old Macedonian written in Runes and it is a decree of Macedonian-Tartarian rulers of the Empire.Third text is New Macedonian Koine invented for elderly clones using 100% old Macedonian lexicon. Later on, New Macedonian Koine was adopted by the Greeks and morphed into phonetic script in today’s World.All of the 3 scripts used Macedonian language, which was the only language of the Empire.The middle Old Macedonian text is the most important of all, because there is an accurate description of who Anunaki are and their names written in Runes with ’Lines & Stroke’, but for understanding purposes I will be using here its phonetic transcription counterpart.

God Anu – BoGo

God Anu is written in Rosetta stone as ‘BoGo’, which means the Supreme Heavenly God, the only One, the Mightiest above anyone else, as he was referred to by Macedonians of Alexander’s the Great Tartarian era.‘BoGo’ meant ‘Creator of human Souls’. In Christianity ‘BoGo’ is the Father, the Father who creates. BoGo translated in English it means: “SUPREME LEADING CREATOR OF SOULS, SUPREME HEAVENLY LORD”.First BoGo (Anu) created BoVoo (meaning Water), as the most crucial element for Carbone life-form creation. Afterwards BoGo created the element of Carbon.Then, the supreme heavenly God Anu – ‘BoGo’ created the Goddess ‘BoMoo’, which is ‘The Big Earthly Mother’. ‘BoMoo’ is actually the genetic material in a physical form as a precursor for the upcoming humankind creation. Later on, BoMoo will bear the Holy Trinity: Human Soul, Holy Spirit, and the physical body of the Macedon creation. BoGo (Anu) the creator was able to glue the Holy Trinity together in One physical bodily form called humankind creation.

The Greys

Anunaki set on with their master plan of constructing Soul harvesting facility enclosure known as “The Firmament” and created for themselves a carbon-based slave race to do the hard and dangerous job for them. This race is known today as “The Greys”.

Exactly 7529 years ago clearing the lands began

According to the Tartarian and Macedonian Old calendar, exactly 7529 years ago, construction had begun. Eventually, after few thousand years, to be précised after 5508 years, the job was done, lands in the diameter of 400.000 km cleared of all giant silicon trees, their silicon cities built, electro-magnetic Torus Firmament activated covering and sealing off an area of 400.000km in diameter so nothing can escape and no one can come in from outside, except Anunaki themselves through plasma Stargate portals.Humans came later, we were created when construction of the Firmament was finished exactly 2021 years ago.

Pyramids were Nuclear Power Plants

Nuclear power plants were built to provide energy for this project, and the Greys were the labourers. These nuclear power plants are known today as Pyramids.The pyramids were built as nuclear power plant for manufacturing chemicals needed for silicon purification. The chemical plants were right underneath the pyramids in a long-enclosed corridors, from where final products of manufactured chemicals were loaded onto flying craft and delivered at silicon purification plants.When everything was ready to start with the job, giant silicon trees as tall as 120km were being gradually cut down and processed to extract pure silicon, and surface of Earth was mined and dug out 15km deep. The deepest point is 10.994m known as Mariana Trench, located at the ‘Ring of Fire’ – the biggest silicon mining quarry under Pacific Ocean. This was the area where most of the mining took place, 75% of volcanos on Earth are in the ‘Ring of Fire’ in the Pacific Ocean, and 70-80% of the mining took place in the Ocean’s floor.These are some of the chemicals which were needed for silicon purification:Carbon, Hydrochloric acid, Hydrogen fluoride, Sulphuric acid, and Water amongst others.In the silicon-based habitat outside the Firmament, there is no water, but only suspended oxygen particles in the atmosphere, because when silicon is placed into water, it gradually dissolves and decomposes. So, in the silicon-based habitat outside the Firmament, there is no water, but only suspended oxygen particles in the atmosphere.When pure silicon was extracted from silicon dioxide, apart from all of these chemicals, they needed plenty of water. Sodium chloride and many other chemicals present in the oceans today are by-products from the silicon purification process.When they finished with the construction due to the exposure the Greys were so excessively intoxicated and irradiated, they were no longer able to reproduce and doomed for extinction.

What exactly are Volcanoes?

During the process of earth mining and silicon purification, a lot of toxic by-products were left behind, majority of them were buried in a mountain-high piles we now know as volcanos, but many other smaller quantities of toxic waste was laying around on the surface of the grounds, and for the purpose of cleaning it out, Anunaki flooded the grounds by the greatest tsunami ever, washing up with water even the tallest mountain pick from the leftovers of toxic waste. Today, when chemical reaction reaches critical point, volcanos erupt.

What are Asgard, Midgard, and Underground?

The electro-magnetic Torus shielding Firmament covers an area of 400.000km in diameter on the ground, and another 400.000km below ground. The reason it took the Greys 5508 years to finish the entire project which Anunaki designed is because apart from clearing the terrain on the ground, they did a lot of digging underground as well, where Chief Scientists in charge of the project reside, known as Underworld. The Underworld is the real deal, with highly technologically advanced network system which regulates life on the surface of Earth, including the artificial plumbing system network where all of the big rivers of the World spring up from, being the biggest artificial irrigation system in the World.That is the reason we hear terms such as: Asgard, Midgard, and Underworld (or Hel). As much as the Torus shielding Firmament extends its cover above ground, that much it extends under the ground, as Earth’s crust is excellent conductor.Asgard is the crystal city where supreme God Anu resides with his entourage and servants; Midgard is where we are; and Underworld is the residence for the chief scientists of Anunaki family members in charge of the Human-kind creation project.

Torus Shielding Firmament

In the centre of the flat earth under the firmament, there is a large wide opening, approximately 200km in diameter, where in its depths deep under the ground Torus plasma shielding machine is located. Northern polar lights of Aurora Borealis are caused by the interaction of charged scaler-wave particles emitted by Torus shielding electro-magnetic machine with atoms in the upper atmosphere. The gigantic river Oceanus which fills the Oceans with water, also springs up from the Underworld. The reason compasses’ needle point only towards North is because that is where the dipolar magnetised axis of the Torus double sided vortex funnel is, and at that point strongest electro-magnetic energy is emitted, which creates both plasma spheres of Torus’s electro-magnetic domes, enclosing and shielding both terrains above and under the surface of Earth.

What causes Pole Shift?

The phenomenon of ‘Pole shift’ happens when axis spiralling funnel of Torus’s electro-magnetic field shifts from one direction to another, from upward direction to downward direction. This happens approximately every 10-12 years. North pole is above the surface of flat Earth, and South pole is under the ground in the underworld. When poles shift, North goes under the ground, and South pole above the ground.So, both, geographic and magnetic North and South Poles are in the centre of flat Earth, where Oceanus River spring up from the opening to the Underworld. The so called South pole being in Antarctica is fabrication because neither South pole is there, not there is any Antarctic continent.Around the centre of North’s pole opening, there are 4 large continents, divided by 4 streams of river Oceanus, two of them flowing outwards towards the oceans, and the other two flowing back to the underworld for recycling.

33 more Continents under the Firmament apart from 5 we know of

On the other side of the ice wall encircling our known world, there are at least 33 more continents, and when compared with this small portion of only 40.000 km in diameter our world occupies, imagine how much more land there is out of the total 400.000 km in diameter which the firmament covers. Our world of 5 continents has been deliberately placed closer to the underworld for many reasons, such as Anunaki science staff do not have to travel far to keep an eye on us, shorter distance for Oceanus River to be circulated at, artificial Earth’s irrigation system by biggest rivers which spring from underground, etc.

There was NO Water and Carbon on Earth prior to the arrival of Anunaki

When Anunaki arrived here, there was no water, nor any carbon in the atmosphere or on the ground, because these two elements dissolve and degenerate silicon life-form. For silicon mining and purification purposes, as well as for their upcoming human creation, their scientists created these two elements artificially.Anunaki, having created the basic elements for carbon-based life-form, having scientific knowledge and know-how of creation, they drafted the formula of quality and content, with all characteristics of how humans should look, thinks, and behave, using the building blocks of their intellectual property for human’s genetic make-up. Intellect, vision capacity, hearing aptitude, language cognition, conscious awareness aptitude, soul attachment, and everything else which makes humans different from animals, was packaged exclusively together into its lifeform. The number one aspect which makes humans different from animals is that humans have soul (except clones), and animals do not have a soul.All of that was packaged in a program, referenced in a coded formula of descriptive name written in Runes for the upcoming human creation and uploaded in the astral realm of the Morphic field, from where entire carbon life-form on Earth springs up from and grows, depending what kind of instructions it receives.

All History is Fake!

German-Nordic Institute falsified entire history adding 1712 non-existing years from the time when Alexander the great was born.All of the history books which exist in the education system are written in the 19th century AD in the German-Nordic Institute, so there is not a single original document, manuscript, or book in existence today, and all of the history books were written only 200 years ago by the German-Nordic Institute. They added 1712 non existing years to the timeline starting from the date of the birth of Alexander the Great, which was on the 21 July 1356 AD, but only 665 years ago from today’s 2021.The German-Nordic Institute was financed and founded by today’s ruling parasites 300 years ago, with the only purpose, to falsify the entire history, and every other subject we learn at schools. In 2012 it was closed down after it had done its job.

This is how Timeline chronology of history was fabricated by adding 1712 non-existing years to it:

  1. The true timeline chronology of history began when Alexander was born on 21 July 1356 AD.
  2. First, 297 non-existing years were added to this true timeline chronology of history, pushing it back to 1059 AD.
  3. Secondly, another 263 non-existing years were added to the true timeline chronology of history, pushing it back to 796 AD.
  4. Thirdly, 1152 non-existing years were added to true timeline chronology of history, pushing it back to 356 BC, which is the fabricated year of Alexander’s birth in the official history books.

Imagine how much creative fiction writing and lies had to be fantasised and invented to fill up those 1712 non-existing years with history!!! So many lies, falsehoods, fabrications, deceptions, fictional myths, imaginary legends etc, etc, had to be invented by the scam-writers at the German-Nordic institute, which no wonder it took a period of 300 years to be completed.They have messed up the history and its chronology so much that even today religious officials are neck-in-neck with disagreements, because there is NOT a single historical original document which is older than 200 years for anyone to read and consult.

Ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt Never Existed

Everything we know about ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, ancient Egypt is written as a fabrication story by paid fiction writers only 200 years ago in the Jewish financed German-Nordic Institute in Germany.What they did it was they took names and events from the real Tartarian-Macedonian history and invented a lot of fictional stories which never existed, to create fake narrative of events and names, and published it in millions of fake history books, which New World Order education system is using to teach the masses.

Here is a concise timeline of some major events which had happened in the past 700 years:

  1. Approximately 750 years ago Atlantis had been destroyed by a great Tsunami of 600m high.
  2. 700 years ago, New Timeline had begun, the timeline of Tartaria – Macedonia.
  3. Philip-ll Macedon, who founded Tartarian-Macedonian World Empire was born 1318 AD in the White city of Heraklion Lyncestis in Macedonia.
  4. In 1365ad Alexander the Great was born in Heraklion Lyncestis.
  5. In 1600ad Alexander finished with the construction of the great Wall of China.
  6. In 1706 AD the first blow happened to Tartarian World empire when Gibraltar strait natural barrier was broken, and Atlantic Ocean flooded the Mediterranean, Adriatic, Ionian, Aegean, and Black Sea depressions, which were heavily populated prior to the flooding. This area prior to the flooding had only few sweet water lakes, and it was the stronghold of the Tartarian-Macedonian Empire. Remnants of it are Cleopatra’s Palace and Heraklion at Canopus under the Mediterranean Sea. The Sunken City of Baia, Italy, and many more throughout these regions. Billions of people lived there prior to the flooding.
  7. In 1712 AD Jesus Christ was born in Heraklion Lyncestis in Macedonia, today known as Bitola, and was baptised in Lake Ohrid.
  8. As Tartarian World Empire suffered a great disaster when Gibraltar barrier was broken, as a result of this great catastrophe, Tartarian-Macedonian World empire was broken up in 3 kingdoms.

Not long after this event, the 3 Tartarian-Macedonian kingdoms went to war against each other. This war in the history books is known as ‘The war of Troy’. The War of Troy was waged to overtake the White city of ILION, founded by God IL (SE, ENLIL) at the beginning of times when human creation began 2021 years ago, which was the stronghold city where Philip-ll, Alexander, and Jesus were born. The city of ILION was damaged by the great flood of Atlantis, and after the great flood Philip-ll re-built it as his own capital. The War of Troy had nothing to do with Greeks, were mostly illiterate infants 1.6m tall. The War of Troy was waged amongst Macedonian giants 5m tall, who possessed laser guided plasma weapons and flying combat aircraft.When the war of Troy finished, Macedonian empire was formed on the European Continent, which was soon turned into a Christian Empire. This Macedonian Christian Empire was re-named as Byzantine Empire by German-Nordic Institution.

  1. On the 14/October/1802 at 2pm the great flood happened caused by 600m tsunami, which caused a great devastation to the Macedonian Christian kingdom.
  2. In 1852 Constantinople fell, and Ottoman Empire was Created. This is the time when Cloned parasite stepped into action, who financed and founded the Ottoman empire in the late 19th century, with the only purpose; to take down the Christian Macedonian Kingdom. All of Ottoman Pashas were Germans and Englishman disguised as Turks. From then on, over the period of 70 years, the Ottomans had dismantled the Macedonian Christian kingdom, but had never established full control of it.
  3. Between 1914 – 18 First World War.
  4. In 1922 Ottoman Empire was dissolved.
  5. Between 1939 – 45 Second World War.

Exactly 2021 years ago, human-kind creation has begun.

Exactly 2021 years ago, humankind creation has begun. When we see the terms BC and AD, they are used to label and count the year Before Creation and After Creation. So, human-kind and the entire carbon life-form is not millions or hundreds of thousands of years old, but only 2021 years. The term ‘AD’ derives from the Latin word ‘Anno Domini’, and officials are alleging that ‘Anno Domini’ means “In the Year of the Lord,” and assumedly refers to the birth of Jesus Christ. That is not true at all, because the real Lord is the supreme God of Anunaki know as ANU. So, the assumption that AD means ‘In the Year of the Lord’ is totally wrong.Another aspect of this is that Jesus was not born 2021 years ago, but only 309 years ago from todays 2021. When history was falsified after the fall of Tartaria, 1712 non-existing years were added to the history.The third aspect is that ‘Anno Domini’ literary means ‘Anu’s Dome’. The Latin word ‘Anno’ derived from ‘Annus’, which in term derived from ‘Anu’, Anunaki’s supreme God. And the word ‘Domini’ derived from ‘Dome’ which is another word for ‘Firmament’. So, AD, or Anno Domini means ‘From the Year when Anu’s Dome (Firmament) was activated, and Creation began’.So, BC means Before Creation, and AD means the year when Anu’s Dome was activated, kipping in mind that the Dome – Firmament is electro-magnetic Torus shielding. It only takes hours to activate this kind of shielding, which Anunaki already had the technology for it before they came here. An electro-magnetic plasma shield deflects radiation, as well as any kind of enemy attack from outside bounces off it. The Firmament is built with electro-magnetic plasma shield.

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