John McAfee’s Final Interviews- “You are in the Matrix”

Rest In Peace to John McAfee. This is I believe his last video interview, and I think a nice conversation. It mentions his views on the world as well as happiness, and how to be happy in jail.

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Welcome back to the 6th episode of Keepin’ Kozy! This week we welcome #JohnMcAfee, founder of #McAfee, LLC.

You might also know him as an infamous international fugitive, and we use his unique perspectives on life to tackle some really interesting topics- like on education, politics, & following your heart. #McafeeRIP

Founder & Host: Jacob Kozhipatt Head Editor/Producer: Brian Oh Producer: Andrew Rabinowitz Special thanks to Ronan Kelley for the music played during the intro! 00:00 Preview 01:28 Introduction 2:08 On Black Lives Matter 04:16 On being a fugitive 05:14 On being an outsider 06:51 On being an artist 12:11 On money 13:12 On following your heart 17:11 On politics 21:42 On student debt 24:04 On big tech selling data 25:31 On taking the red pill 26:49 On what crypto is 31:08 On privacy coins 33:55 On mainstream adoption of crypto 35:37 How to get into crypto 37:46 Are you happy?

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  1. Somewhere in there WAS the phrase “if I die by suicide… it wasn’t.”


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