Tom Campbell: Conscious Computers and Consciousness in a VR

This video focuses on the nature of consciousness from the perspective of PMR science.

Tom intended this to be a follow-up to his MBT Science Trilogy and it is now included in the MBT Science Trilogy playlist here:…

Conscious computers have long been a topic of interest, and Campbell has included his views on them here from the unique perspective of his own (My Big TOE) theory of everything — a model with consciousness as the fundamental source of the virtual reality that we call the physical universe.

Consciousness is defined within MBT as awareness with choice or equivalently: awareness with free will or awareness with a finite decision space.

A system that can make rational or meaningful choices is said to have free will if its choices are impossible to predict. This necessary uncertainty can be generated by complex self-changing systems. He compares two types of choice making (chess playing) computers: the brute force approach of IBM’s Deep Blue and Google’s more elegant (and more effective) self-actualized AlphaZero neural net (NN). Neural nets can indeed have free will, but they cannot be constructed to have awareness. Awareness can only be attained if an IUOC choses that neural net to serve as its avatar within the PMR VR.

Campbell follows both the top-down process of VR rendering and the bottom-up process of VR evolution to where awareness meets free will. To where fundamental consciousness begins making the free will choices of its VR avatar.

Campbell continues to present the logic for consciousness being fundamental. He compares the significance and value of our subjective and objective realities and explains that both subjective and objective facts need to be explained by any comprehensive Theory Of Everything.

PMR- Physical Matter Reality LCS- Larger Consciousness System (Creator, Source) IUOC- Individuated Unit Of Consciousness (Us) Tom’s Patreon ** One time donation link thru PayPal (no PayPal account required) Tom’s website

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