A mantra for better understanding your Self and Wholeness. So’ham. I Am That.

So'ham. I Am That.
Takeaway: Practicing this mantra a few minutes each day helps you to understand your self more, which ultimately leads to understanding the Self more.

In the spiritual practice in search for our cosmic place in it all, in many faiths, it generally comes back to a version of “I am that,” or “I am that I am.” This unifying phrase pulls us to see ourselves in the infinite, cosmic expression of the universe that appears as whatever reality is before us.

If you are on the spiritual path, you probably have had moments where you feel unified with the divine and you can see reality as an extension of yourself. But, that feeling is usually momentary and fleeting and we fall back into “knowing” and aspiring for this concept theoretically.

There is a special mantra in Sanskrit that helps direct the mind back to this spiritual awareness even when we are not in that place. Read more.

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