Becoming Fully Alive ~ Shunyamurti

“Are we willing to come fully alive? How alive are we in terms of our creativity? With nature? With each other? With all of the information that’s flowing between us now?”

Excerpt: “Are we willing to come fully alive?

Do we feel alive or do we feel deadened in our body and in our mind and in our hearts? how alive are we in the heart? How alive in we term of our creativity? How alive are we in terms of our connectedness with reality as a whole? With nature? With each other? With the energy field all of its different levels of subtlety, with all of the information that’s flowing between us now? How alive are we? Or are there things that we need to repress and to deaden and to not know about and not feel because there’s too much pain that we are carrying, too much baggage, and that forces us to cripple our aliveness in order to deal with the traumatic traces of the past that we’re still holding on to.

Can people relate to that issue?

When there is an overflow of negativity and by negativity I’m referring to the anti-life feelings; the death drive; the wanting to die; the wanting to get away from it all; to not know about it; to not feel; to not think; to not relate; to want to escape; to avoid; to disappear; to want to deny; to want to pretend; to want to live within the confines of the lie.

When we are doing that, then there is a deadness to the point of becoming a zombie and it’s that kind of deadness that then has to be compensated for by a false aliveness, pseudo-aliveness of the ego, that will keep its illusion of aliveness either through drugs or some other artificial stimulation or pornography (or other kinds of chakra two stimulus) or power drive domination, dictatorship, demandingness, addictions of various types. But none of those can overcome the deadness and it eats away at one and eventually gets projected out as a deadness, as wanting others dead and as wanting to defile the other; to make them want to be dead and to fall into such negativity that one turns life itself into something disgusting; something perverted; something evil; something that should not be.

This is one of those characteristics of the current social system that we’re in, that this kind of moral perversion, because of the inner deadness, has become the norm and those of us who want to still live in truth and in light and in authentic relationships with others, will have a very hard time because you’ll feel that your sensitivity to experiencing the deadness, in the perverse intentionality of the other and the split of the dissociated fragments that may not be speaking but are actively engulfing the energy field with their negativity are sticking to one; are filling one with the kind of negative energy that is usually below the level of our conscious understanding, that something bad is going on; something it doesn’t feel good or right about or true, but we cannot verbalize it. It doesn’t reach that level of consciousness in which we know what’s happening but we end up leaving a party or a conversation or situation we feel slimed, feel vampirezed. we feel depleted, we feel as if something has been taken from us.

How many of you have had that experience?”

– If you enjoyed this video please click the like button and subscribe to our channel for more spiritual wisdom from Shunyamurti. ABOUT SHUNYAMURTI: Shunyamurti’s life-long quest for truth and the power of healing our souls and our world has brought about a deep understanding of the dynamics of the traumatized ego, the karmic trajectory and wounds of the soul, and the radiant healing power of the Supreme Real that is the One Self. He has learned how to work on all levels simultaneously to help sustain the ecstasy of Self-realization. Many years of meditation practice and training in numerous forms of yoga, including apprenticeship with Baba Hari Dass, ten years of vowed association with a Brahmachari ashram in India, a special resonance with Sri Ramana Maharshi and a deep study of Advaita and esoteric Shaivism and Buddhism, have been supplemented by the intensive study of western metaphysics, modern sciences, profound exploration of the dimensions opened by entheogens, trans-personal psychology, various forms of psychoanalysis and Jungian dreamwork, and the entire development of the perennial philosophy, including Taoism, Kabbalah, and mystical Christianity. Shunyamurti now functions as spiritual guide, retreat leader, and teacher of the Sat Yoga Ashram and Community, in addition to his ongoing advanced research in the Yogic sciences.

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