OFFICIAL ALIEN INVASION and the GLOBAL FASCINATION, prediction by Wes Penre full match!

There is a connection between “your becoming sane enough to meet the alien invasion” and the global fascination. “Global Elite and the interdimensionals who are staying hidden in the background, are going to create some disasters and catastrophes—unifying events that will bring big segments of mankind together in an effort to survive. I personally think that destroying the economy is their safest card. They want to utterly destroy the dollar and have all other currency follow after. A new depression will follow, which will make the depression in the 1930s look like child’s play because this one will be global. People will be starving to death and no one will have a solution. However, worry not because help is near! In times when humanity will do anything to survive, we will have visitors! Starships will land, and beings who look very human will meet with the governments of the world…) by WES PENRE. source:…

Categories: Health & Protection, Mind, Consciousness & Universe, Remote Influencing

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