How your right vibration and frequency helps to deal with viruses?

“✨♥️✨♥️✨AMAZINGLY AWESOME INFORMATION ~ my friend Selvaggia Traini in ITALY this morning sends this incredible CONFIRMATION!!! Exactly what I’ve been mentoring individuals to understand-Exactly why every high energy LIGHT being is here✨♥️✨
-Translated from Italian-
-Like any other virus, (COVID-19) has a low vibration with a closed electromagnetic circuit structure, with a resonance frequency of approximately 5,5 Hz-14,5 Hz. In the highest ranges it is not active and, starting with the ranges of 25,5 Hz and above, the virus dies….
For a person who lives in high vibes, i.e. in the Soul, is no longer dangerous than acute respiratory infections, because a healthy man’s body “vibrates” in the highest ranges.., only occasionally, for various reasons, slips into vibes lower.
The reasons for this can be various disorders in the energy balance… (fatigue, emotional breakdown, hypothermia, chronic diseases, nervous tension, etc. )….
The virus in nature, that is outside the body, is not resistant…
Earth’s total average frequency resonance is now 27,4 Hz, and therefore it would be destructive to the virus, but there are places where this frequency is lowered, i.e. geopathic areas created naturally or artificially… (hospitals, prisons, Power lines, subway and public electric vehicles, malls, offices, drinking spaces, etc. ) Where vibes drop to levels below 20 Hz…
• Pain gives vibration – from 0,1 to 2 Hz;
• FEAR-0,2 to 2,2 Hz ;!!!
• resentment – 0,6 to 3,3 Hz;
• irritation – 0,9 to 3,8 Hz;
• Disorder – 0,6 to 1,9 Hz;
• Hot temperament-0,9 Hz;
• Flash of fury-0,5 Hz;
• rage-1,4 Hz;
• pride-0,8 Hz;
• pride (megalomania)-3,1 Hz;
• abandonment-1,5 Hz;
• superiority-1,9 Hz;
• generosity-95 Hz;
• thank you (thank you)-45 Hz;
• thank you very much – from 140 Hz and above;
• a sense of unity with other people-144 Hz and beyond;
• compassion – from 150 Hz and above (but mercy is only 3 Hz);
• Love (as they say with their head, that is when a person understands that love is a good, bright and strong feeling, but has not yet learned to love with his heart) vibration-50 Hz;
• the love that a person generates with their heart for all people without exceptions and all living beings – from 150 Hz and beyond;
• unconditional, sacrificial, universal love – from 205 Hz and beyond.
For millennia, the frequency of our planet has been 7,6 Hz. Physicists call it Schumann’s MRI and it’s due to the lightning beating in the crawl space between the earth and the ionosphere, which acts as a wave guide and resonator
A man felt comfortable in these conditions, as the vibration frequency of his energy field had the same parameters-7,6-7,8 Hz.
However, Schumann’s frequency has recently started to grow rapidly. Following the dynamic: January 1995-7,80 Hz, January 2000-9,30 Hz, January 2007-9,80-9,80 Hz, January 2012-11,10 Hz, January 2013-13,74 Hz, January 2014 – 14,86 Hz February 2014-14,99 Hz; March 2014-15,07 Hz; April 2014-15,15 Hz. Even if we consider the situation scientifically, it becomes clear that a person who doesn’t increase his vibes will soon leave the ground floor one way or another, and neither high positions nor accumulated capital will help him…
So we must not be afraid!
You can raise vibes by working with yourself and stimulating conscious behaviors..
P.S. Any negative emotion closes access to clear conscience.
~Carla Bastianelli
✨passed on from a Joyous Light messenger”

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