A POST 799: UNMASKING HIGHER ENTITIES ◊ The Lost Tapes ◊ Interview with Justen Faull

In this interview with Justen Faull, the director of the film ‘HIGHER ENTITIES: The Lost Tapes’ reveals all the bombshells from the documentary. From Tom Horn sharing his story about the death of family involved in top secret government projects, to Ray Boeche who was contacted by someone in “non-existent” top secret operations, to Stan Deyo describing his involvement with top secret antigravity technology, the evidence that our government is in communication with entities from another world are plenty. It also appears there was a faction from within the secret projects, thought to be fellow believers in Jesus Christ, staged a mutiny against those leading the charge, who were going deeper into the satanic rabbit hole of rituals and occult practices to communicate with what they believed to be higher entities. We discuss all of these things and more in this conversation of UNMASKING HIGHER ENTITIES, an interview with Justen Faull. #Declassified #Aliens #CollinsElite

SOURCE LINKS The Film: https://bit.ly/2RIYWDb

Dr. Ray Boeche: https://bit.ly/2rCDntn

Zero-G’s book: https://bit.ly/2YPTjEZ

Declassified UFO Documents: https://bit.ly/2Per3Zb

Collins Elite Document: https://bit.ly/2simvIj

Ritual Game: https://bit.ly/34dyLHp

Minds of Men: https://bit.ly/2qNKZsG

Categories: Conspiracy, Mind, Consciousness & Universe, Remote Influencing

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