MUST WATCH & LISTEN! Update: CoVid 19, Qanon. I Know Where I Am In Time…

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What is The Evil Force behind all this madness?

„I think I know, what are those bastards (reptilians, archons, AI, or whoever is behind this madness) are up to. To digitize all life on the Earth, in Solar System, including The Sun, perhaps even all our perceivable Creation and make it to machine world/reality controlled by AI, or whoever freak is behind all this s*it.

It’s some Force, like machine’ force. It’s like a wave. And now is the time when we can feel/perceive the battle between right/basic/Divine Force and the Machine’ one. And we will wake up and know all The Truth about Everything. Depends, who will wake up and who won’t. Who goes back to The Home and who to The Machine, which will be deleted off at all of Everything.

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