REMOTE VIEWING: How I remote viewed a door key lost in other country (real case)

Last Wednesday afternoon I received a message from an acquaintance of mine from abroad who runs a cleaning company there. Let’s call my acquaintance as L. A content of her message was like this: “Please call me, I have a little extreme situation here”.

Although I received this message I didn’t notice it at this moment, because my phone was in another room. I don’t like to keep mobile phone or any other electronic device near myself. Although I have to use a computer…

Three hours later I received a call from L. A content of her call was similar: “Hi V, I have a quite extreme problem here. Could you “take a look” something…?” Before she could continue I interrupted her saying: “Stop-stop-stop now! Don’t say anything anymore. I understand you will ask me to remote view something, right?” “Yes!”, she was responding. I continued: “I’m sending you a couple of examples of how to compose a task for that. I’m sending you a simple one and complex, more detailed one. Customize one of them by your own needs meaning, write down what do you want me to remote view. Don’t tell me what I need to remote view. Just write your task, put on it casual number and send only that number to me. That is all I need. I don’t want to know what I have to remote view! I try to give my shot. Give me about 3-4 hours and then I will send you my first results. And I warn you, I haven’t remote viewed several months already and my rate of accuracy can be about in 60% instead of 80-90 in best days.”

Shortly after that conversation we ended our call and I sent her promised task’s examples.

Of course, she picked a simple version from those examples and made one of it especially simple tasking version. Her wording of the task was: “Address of the object I needed to rv, general key which opens all doors at this work object. With that key is attached a metallic a coin-shaped keyholder. This key was in **** person’s car. Where did it get there? Where is the key now?”

This is the clear example why people who have no knowledge about remote viewing must not compose tasks. 🙂 But since we had in such extreme situation we hadn’t other choice.

Anyway, at same evening I did my first session to remote view a location of the lost key…

Here is a excerpt of data of my first session. Sorry about my handwriting. It’s actually not so bad, but being in a Theta state, it tends to be really poorly readable:

Here below is a photo of actual place I remote viewed. Also, on the same day was asphalting done here:

In the same evening I sent her my results and she revealed her task and what I was remote viewing. Now I was frontloaded. Still, I promised to do another session with my own task to get more accurate data about the location of the lost key. Also I promised to try to dowse a location of the lost key after she sends me photos or some drawings about the work object. So I received photos about this place.

The worst part for me was that I didn’t sleep last night almost at all…. I forgot myself to detach from the target… Because I thought I would next day do another session on the same target number…

In the next morning when I started to write my own task I “logged out” from the previous target… And I was tired. Already. People who doesn’t know anything about remote viewing are not aware that this activity burns intensively energy, especially mental one. And sometimes when you don’t properly detach yourself from a target, it continues to affect you emotionally, mentally and physically as long as you are attached to it. Anyway, show had to go on.

Next day I did another remote viewing session with task written by myself. But now I was frontloaded. That means that if you can’t discipline your conscious mind during remote viewing session, the mind will distort the information received from viewer’s subconscious mind/deeper self.

A acquaintance of mine went to the work object to look for her key…

My task was following: “Remote view, perceive, draw, describe, what does look like on February 27th the place and items, where is locating by **** person’s name sought for metallic, with coin-shaped keyholder work object’s a general key which opens several doors in **** name of town, **** address of the work object.“

Here are excerpts of a data from my second session:

A: subjects, persons, energy, quaggy, resilient/springy, in an air, horizontally, flat, stone-hard, on a ground, rough, gravelly, slanted, diagonally, triangular, supprorting, fast, shaky, vibrating, in white color? rectangular.

B: flat surface, „on a ground“, stone-hard

C: white, fluffy, snow? cold, moist, clammy, outside, redish-brown, grainy, like a gritty sand, sandy, dirt, wet, slight smell of piss! „in a corner“. Spacious (look at the sketch).

Another sketches from above to below:

vibrating, white, „a car“, moving, swaying, up and down. Deduction: a car.

„stack of wood“, framework, brown, perhaps made of wood. Manmade, roaring, banging, white, „a car“, a room?

Describe „On a ground“: dry, sandy, „dirty“, muddy, white, on a ground!

A couple more of screenshots of this session:

A couple of interesting responses to my cues as „Describe the most important part of the target from a height in 10 metres“: in a plash, next to a water, next to a plash, next to something, next to green/ a bush, on a ground, on a flat redish-brown surface, like on a sand or clay/gritstone. Personal response: perhaps I just making it up.

„Describe the most important object from a height in 10 metres”: something white is standing on that place. Like a packet-car, directing at me. Next to bushes/a building. There it is?

Additionally, I got several times: between in something, in between, under something, under an edge.

After I cued “Describe the most important object”, I got: “on a ground”, between stones, “broken”. Then I probed the same response and got sketch 5 (S5, look at the picture here below) and after morphing with it I got: like in between flat, stony, greyish board/plate/sheet-like things. Plastic, boxes, covers.

On the same day I also tried to use Future Memory technique to detect a location of the lost key. I apologize I had earlier put here wrong sketch. A correct is this one here below. That’s what I saw:

Here is a sketch which I got from using technique “crystal gazing”. I found this technique from Joseph McMoneagle’s book “Remote Viewing Secrets“. You can find a description of the technique on a page 189.

Additionally I used pendulum dowsing for detecting possible location of the lost key.

At first I thought that the lost key is under this pile of blanks here under the right corner. I asked to my acquaintance to look there. She didn’t find the key…

I couldn’t understand how the key is not in that marked area. Although my pendulum shows that. At the same time I stayed open to possibility that my pendulum just showed incorrect response since I did the dowsing in tired state. Still, I needed to figure out, where this key is then! My data shows, Future Memory technique shows, pendulum shows, that the key is there somewhere. Where exactly???

Next day I did another remote viewing session. I didn’t receive nothing new. Similar data. I did another session of pendulum dowsing. Since I had 10 photos of the work object, the pendulum showed the same marked area on this photo and on the new one too…

A acquaintance of mine went again to search. Again. She didn’t find the key…

We both got frustrated, where the fck is the key then!?

Next day, after I already had third night suffered in insomnia, I started once again with my blurry glance to investigate the photos about the work object and did another pendulum dowsing. The same results.

Then I noticed something… Look at the previous picture with those blanks. Do you see on a backround some white pile? This is a stack of heat insulation materials. I asked from my acquaintance is the door and the part of a border on the last picture on the same corner with the stack of the heat insulation materials??? „Yeees!“ answered she… I said, „could you show me what is behind this corner?“ That’s what I got:

Check now the data and compare with this picture here…

Of course seeing this photo I said a couple of „hard“ words by myself! And couple of softer ones I said to my acquaintance… She promised once again to go to look for her lost key. We still haven’t found it. We’re just praying that it’s not poured into the concrete… 🙂

Anyway, just for fun I did today, on March 3rd another session to remote view is the lost key in the same place on March 8th… I’ll publish results on March 9th after I have received feedback i.e actual results from Sunday, March of 8th.

My conclusions about this case are:

  • Use trained tasker for getting proper tasks for remote viewing and interpreting received data. You will save a lot of your own and others’ time and energy.
  • Or, if you don’t have a trained tasker and you should write one by your own, then add into the task as much detailed data (names, serial number, descriptors, dates etc) as much as you can.
  • If it’s possible, take as much photos of the target you will task to remote view.
  • Stay in a state to find your lost item, because your intention and attention for positive outcome are really important.
  • Take for yourself and give to a remote viewer sufficiently time to analyze extracted/received data.
  • Give a instant and adequate feedback to remote viewer. If possible don’t „frontload“ him. When it’s possible, prompt/direct the viewer to remote view certain details of the target. The details which can lead to the best final expected result.
  • I won’t do any such “projects” for free anymore. It so time and energy consuming. In total I spent about 16-17 hours on this project. It included figuring out and writing tasks, cooldowns for rv sessions, composing of resumes all of those, analyzing, interpreting them… And after those activities you are not capable to do any other activity needing your focus and concentration.

PROCLAIMER: I DON’T SEARCH OR REMOTE VIEW MISSING PERSONS! For this I recommend you to use specially trained remote viewers. You can find some of them googleing „remote view missing persons.“

If you are intrested to learn remote viewing you can find a lot of materials on my site under sections of Remote Viewing, Books and Audios. Also, you can find a lot of articles and videos related to remote viewing under Remote Viewing category.

You can remote view too. Because, keep in mind, you are not just a human, but you are spiritual being in human form. You are awareness and beyond that static omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, the almighty Nothingness.

Have fun!

If you find this information to be interesting and useful, please like, share and subscribe. And as one of my favorite remote viewers Edward Riordan says: „Many more to come!“ 🙂

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