Full Disclosure, Physical Evidence of Alien Implants & Abductions, Former CIA, Derrel Sims

The Spirit Team: These “physical” implants sound like an old school tech indeed. I think those greys are “small” boys in this out of control cosmic game. The real ones use mind and soul control. Mostly mind-control, because all of this shit we are in, is the so called “mind”. it’s a fcking program, mind-program. And to us as awarenesses/knowingnesses are attached local minds to. They can control us through a so called “collective” or main-program affecting IT. Our minds are just veils in front of us (as awarenesses/knowingnesses) for misleading/confusing us to not to find out who WE REALLY ARE. We as awarenesses/omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent Knowingness are (connected/imprisoned to) in(to) this really sophisticated virtual game run through mind(s). We are put under hypnosis using mind(s). Especially using our 5 senses, including emotions (fear!) and feelings we eminate. “They” whoever they are, can manipulate with/affect our perception in infinite ways.

Derrel Sims, Former Special Forces, Implant Archive “Today we will be talking about physical evidence of Alien Implants and Abduction Cases, Derrel has had a lifelong journey uncovering the Alien Phenomena, even personal experiences. Lets talk about it. http://alienhunter.org/category/impla…

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