TO THE KEYS: ROSWELL-Interview with an Alien-PART ONE

The Spirit Team: the information in books “Alien Interview”, “Unbounded 2!“, in a post/video “Earth is a prison Planet” and in a message “What is The Evil Force behind all this madness?” are strongly connected to eachother.

In July 1947 the Roswell Army Air Field issued a press release stating personnel from the field’s 509th Bomb Group recovered a crashed “flying disc” from a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico. Later that day, the Commanding General of the Eighth Air Force said Major Jesse Marcel had recovered tattered remnants of a weather balloon. Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy was enlisted the U.S Women’s Army Air Force (WAC) Medical Corp and was assigned as a Flight Nurse in the 509th Bomb Group during the time the crash happened. She was asked to accompany a Counter Intelligence Officer by the name of Mr. Cavitt as his personal driver and to provide medical assistance if necessary. When she arrived, she witnessed the crashed disc and several occupants dead on the scene. One of the alien beings was conscious and unharmed.

While examining the creature it started communicating with her via “mental images” or “telepathic thought”. No one else could communicate with the being. She told Mr. Cavitt about this and it was decided that she would accompany the survivor to the base. Mrs. MacElroy’s position from that point on was to interview the being and make reports to command authorities. The information she would get from this creature would change her life forever. THIS MATERIAL RESONATED GREATLY WITH ME AND I WAS COMPELLED TO SHARE IT ON MY CHANNEL. You are free to receive it or not.

It has been nearly 5 years since the Alien Interview transcripts were published, as requested by Army Air Force Nurse MacElroy. It has now been 66 years since the Roswell crash incident in 1947 revealed that we are not alone in the universe. The pilot of the crashed saucer revealed a great deal during the interviews that were conducted over the following 6 weeks. ALL of that information was suppressed by the U.S. Government, until 2008 when the interview transcripts were published in the book ALIEN INTERVIEW. If you have read these transcripts, you will realized WHY the Roswell incident, and the interview transcripts were so heavily and thoroughly hidden and covered-up!

As always with This video—I HOPE will help you and allow you to be inspired to know that you are your own creator of your own reality. I HOPE this video will help you to begin to go within yourself and follow your self to your highest good.

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My Intention: With One Vibration I am in divine guidance, evolving daily and growing in the wisdom meant for me. I am ever on a continual divine quest as student and teacher. Therefore whatever the universe and divine source delivers to me through my higher self is subject to change in the complete NOW. I invite all dear ones to feel free to hear my truth as inspiration and know that it is for ME. But please- DO NOT follow me or strive to be like me as this is MY path. Be YOURSELF, find yourself. Follow yourself. My intention is to share my path, and inspire you to know that you can create yours as well. My intention is to trigger your recollection/ Remembrance of your truest self for your highest good, and the highest good of all. Allow my words to inspire you to find your own true divine path with one vibration.

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