MUST WATCH! EARTH IS A PRISON PLANET! Death Traps – Trailer (Farsight)

The Spirit Team: We highly recommend you to read a book “Unbounded! (Vol.2): Exploring Spirituality through MindWalking”, where participants/patients describe through their sessions of memory recall technique MindWalking how they and all humanity are manipulated by certain forces from higher realms and how they got trapped onto The Earth. Partners/participants of those sessions describe in detail how their memories were erased/deactivated, by whom etc. An author of this book and his partners have been years helped a lot of spiritual and light beings (in human form) to restore their memories. You can find contacts of author of the book from their website:

This is the trailer for the nonfiction movie, The Death Traps. This nonfiction remote-viewing project documents one of the most horrific discoveries ever made. Earth has long been a planet that has been operated as a prison, and this is meant literally, not as a metaphor for something else. People who live here were mostly dumped here from somewhere else, from other planets on other star systems within our galaxy, and possibly from some star systems in other nearby galaxies.

They get dumped here by being born here. They lose all their memories of who they were in the past, where they came from, who their families are and were, and they don’t remember the property that they owned that was taken from them. Everyone is processed in a way that erases all such memories. The key to running this prison has always been from the beginning to suppress all knowledge of every prisoner’s past. And when people die on Earth, a technique was established to involuntarily recycle them back into another life on this planet, memory free, so that they could never leave. Dying offers no escape from this place.

This nonfiction remote-viewing documentary focuses on the method used to erase people’s memories after they die. It is a process that is so cruel, so barbaric, and yet so unbelievable, it is best that you see it for yourself. Any hope of escape from this prison will depend on understanding the workings of the death traps.

The Death Traps is available as a full length nonfiction movie to see now only at

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