Life After Awareness | Do You Let The Universe Take Control?

The Spirit Team (Sun Streak): Of course I go there where the “universe”, The Spirit, The Almighty Nothingness/Emptiness/Tranquility/The Truth wants to go, because I’m a part of IT as many in a form of human and in a role as John. I’m just one of the infinite expressions of The Almighty Emptiness which projected Itself out as Creation in infinite forms. Perhaps The Almighty Nothingness got bored to Be Alone, so It created the “picture”, creation(s) of Itself for playing and exploring Itself as many, in infinite forms and states…

“You Are an Audience to Your Own Play”, like Mooji says.

Once you become aware, do you have to have a plan of where you are going or do you leave that up to the universe? Eckhart discusses life after awareness and how the creative impulse of the universe works through us to manifest the world we see. Subscribe to find greater fulfillment in life:

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