Brainwave Tech & Microchip Nano Portals

The Spirit Team: this will be complete mind and body control. This is not enough “them” to keep masses under mass-hypnosis. “They” need to be sure, that noone will think their own thoughts and make their own moves. Fck off this world and “reality” controlled by satanic tech, spell and magic!

The 2020 #CES claimed tons of old tech coming to the consumer for the next decade. From brain controlled prosthetic hands, to #Brainwaves that monitors your sleep, work out, meditation, and every other aspect of your life, it seems the elite really want to quantify our brains. Also, Stanford University develops a particle accelerator at the nanoscale to fit on a microchip. If #CERN and the Large Hadron Collider is being used not only for “science,” but also to open portals into other dimensions, what purpose would creating a pocket sized collider mean for the rest of humanity? It seems God tells us by the prophetic history that is written before it happens.

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