MUST WATCH! Illuminaughty Playbook, 2020 This is How it All Goes Down, Lets Talk About it, Live Q & A

The Spirit Team: Oh, they “love” us so much! I’m sick of this “game”, mind-game/distraction, to lead majority through their minds farther of the purpose to get back/understand what they really are – infinite potentialities, pure awarenesses.

“They” or whoever d*ckheads/reptilians/entities-forces from higher realms, local puppets in human form etc affect and lead us through our collective and individual minds and through our vibration and frequencies because we ourselves are vibrational beings.

Our mind is a trickster/devil anyway. Remote viewers know very well how their mind can distort correct data/truth coming/received from their Deeper/True Selves. Of course, “they” know that too. Otherwise wouldn’t be such “predictive” “games” out there.

Let’s put it this way. There has some operational system/General Program for certain purposes put into work down to the Earth. Here we have some “programs” like “religion”, “politics”, “economics”, “education” , “Enter Tainment” etc. Our minds have and are being programmed through those programs. Our minds consist mind files which/certain of them will be activated through those programs. To lead us in certain direction somebody/external or internal force should only change a work/processes of the operational system or inject some virus or activate some another program to affect/run onto our minds.

Our mind is a filter/deceiver/a veil to not to see the Truth and not to be in conscious contact with our True Self/Pure Awareness/Infinite Potentiality. Our mind is for misguiding and seducing to us. A purpose of our mind/program is to divide and conquer us. This way it/”THEY” can control us.

We also recommend to watch and listen: Episode #471 Cryptocurrency & Globalism and read: (Updated on October 8th) What is The Evil Force behind all this madness?

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