REMOTE VIEWING: Q Anon Update: Feedback From The Timeline, Catching Up With The Future.

The Spirit Team: Since we live in a world built on lies and filled with lies, I don’t believe this grid is for internet only. It could be, but it could only a part of a functionalities of the grid. This article is like an announcement of getting internet connection from space, but what it really could do, to control collective mind of humanity. Let be honest, what do we use to process information in our lives – our minds. But as we know, out there are technologies to affect and control our minds. Mind is anyway just a devil or trickster. Do not understand it? Research what spiritual teachers have to say about the mind. And Edward as remote viewer knows really well how our mind can distort adequate/reliable data about “targets” or what’s really “there”. I want to say with that, that using our minds will not lead to the truth. Only our true selves know the Truth. So, I would only trust information/knowledge received from our True/Deeper Selves and not from outside, especially from media.

What I think “they” really are up to, is to build up a huge machine out of the Earth. “They” are building a dome around the Earth using chemtrails, nanoparticles, metallic particles, different technologies for proccessing all aforesaid. It will above us. On the surface of the Earth will be all automated through blockchain technology and AI and eventually “they” combine the technologies on the both levels – As Below, So Above.

I also recommend you to read a post: “What is Evil Force behind all this madness”

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