I Asked John De Ruiter “What Is Worth Our Attention?” And His Answer Blew My Mind (Part 2)

The Spirit Team: Unfortunately the end of the video was a bit embarrasing when people laughed to the mr De Ruiter’s claim “We’re in the Matrix”. We are. This Matrix has also different forms; body, mind etc. I recommend to read about it from a free e-book “Remote Influencing Secrets Revealed”: https://thespirit.team/get-a-free-copy-of-remote-influencing-secrets-revealed-e-book/

Anyway. who have not experienced a state of Delta being at the same time awake or Great Void, I highly recommend it to you. It would largely help you understand the condition or the state where you are nothing and nobody. Although you and I and every sincere being are. We are an absolute truth, The Truth. We are an absolute Knowingness. And that you will experience in The Void. And that’s why mr De Ruiter emphasizes an importance of being supremely honest to yourself. If you or anyone else here would like to experience the Real Self, a Great Void, then I recommend you Gerald O’Donnell’s course “The Portal“.

The reason why we lie or can’t be even honest to ourselves, is because of our memories about ourselves were erased during a process of coming to the Earth realm. And it is probably done by certain force. You can read it from a book “Unbounded! Vol2. Exploring spirituality through MindWalking.“. And I personally have some mental pictures/memories about arriving to the Earth. The another reason why we are mostly not honest, because we are manipulated, programmed, conditioned to do this way.

In conclusion, the truth sets us free. Although it can be really painful. But coziness doesn’t force to seek the Answers and truth. Only a pain and sufferings will do that.

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