I Asked Mooji “What is Worth Our Attention?” and His Answer Really Annoyed My Ego – Part 1

Last week I’ve been really struggling because of rebellion by my mind. I know he is really sneaky, tricky, deceitful, like a satan/devil – he tries every trick to keep me under his control.

Although Mooji says (in some of his other satsangs) that you can’t fight with your mind and you have to turn your attention into yourself, to Your True Self, to Stillness, it’s not so easy. The only effective thing I just (re)discovered (I had forgotten it due to my mind tricks) yesterday how to the most easily turn at Your Self, is let go of everything – every thing (at least from my mind perspective). Even better you can dissolve into this sea of consciousness and be there just as a drop of awareness. With letting go of everything you decrease your identity and personhood and you will just BE as you ARE.

I’m not sure why the mind was given to us. For manifesting and experiencing? Or to deluding us for finding our True Self…

The worst part at all of this is that some entities can control all society through our individual and collective minds.

I think the only way to get out of this mind prison is to find our True Selves as boundless and infinite potentialities. When we exist as true selves we see the truth and we are able to manifest (what we really need) much easier because then we are much closer to our state of/as infinite potentialities.

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