MUST WATCH & LISTEN: This is Why We Don’t See Aliens, Evidence DNA Manipulation 40,000 Years Ago, Trapped in Fractal Frequency

Have you considered that some time, eons ago, the Earth vibrated on much higher frequency, where here wasn’t physical world, but much liquid or crystallized. And times ago the Earth was invaded by some force (machine one?). I’m referring here to the event of the War in Heaven. This event brought us onto much lower frequency and restricted our psychic abilities, including manifesting. As you probably now, the Earth is really important realm. Earth/Hearth. Pleiades have some version of the story. Vedics have another, and so on.

People, spiritual beings in human forms should get all their memory of their real identity back. After that anybody can’t manipulate us as spiritual beings. Our minds and bodies (physical, energetic, mental etc) are being polluted every day by different means: through modified, poisoned food, media, artificial frequencies etc.

We should purify ourselves in any means and as much we can and this will raise our vibration and frequency. And this should activate our suppressed memories and reactivate our psychic abilities. This Force is controlling us through our minds (through our individual and collective minds), vibration and frequency because we ourselves are vibration and frequencies. All the “picture” “they “present to us in movies, “entertainment”, “news” etc is a condition where they direct to and keep us in. All artificially created pictures are false. Only real picture is in The Nature. Especially in a (still) Water. That’s where we are mostly connected to our true selves. Why do “they” destroy the nature? Because “they” want us to completely cut off from our true selves and The Source, where we came from. That’s why all technology is so “attractive”, “beautiful”, alluring… “They” flatter us onto wrong path. But to find the right one, we should turn into ourselves. That’s why is being said that The Kingdom is Inside. We must find our True Selves. Our True Home. Be Still(ness). Because that’s we essentially are: The Silence and Tranquility. The Answers is in The Silence, Stillness.

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