MUST WATCH AND LISTEN: Major Solar Flare Predicted 12-21-19 Using Sunspot Data, Latest

The Spirit Team: we have been waiting for this day from 21.12.2012… We will see, will the doom arrive this time 🙂

Seeing how densely is atmosphere filled with s*it, sry sprayed with different materials, I have been rolling in my meaningless head 2 main theories: 1. the atmosphere is being sprayed so immensely full because some energies/beings can’t tolerate the light and radiation from the Sun and they need protection from it and from possible flares and 2. the atmosphere is so full of (supposedly) different materials, because “rulers”/archons are constructing a huge machine (including neuralink, 5G, surveillance and remotely influencing and blockchain tech, automatization systems etc) of the Earth. Sorry for sharing this video (A large ufo departing from the Sun) here again, but watching the data from this project and comparing it with real life, then it seems to make sense… Unfortunately.

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  1. A large UFO departing from the Sun. Remote Viewing Project MS15 – The Spirit Team

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