A Technique to Remove Mental Negative Baggage

Highly recommend him. Just listen to his calm energy. He’s on the right track and offers a lot of his tools for free.

Laugh It Off Seriously, you can laugh off almost anything negative – every thought, negativity, fear, etc. It works 100% for most things – even diseases.

Seasoned psychologists and hypnotists know about this power technique and know it works 100%.

Most people think fighting off negativity is the only way to banish it. Few know that laughing is a VERY positive tool. Comedy is positive ki. But it becomes even more powerful when timed right – the instant any negativity hits – especially a negative thought. Try it. It works for me. I can’t begin to tell you how much it has worked. Try as many procedures as you can. Few of these work even 1% as good as people tout. Even those that work are weak.

My two cents. These are old uploads, but if it works 10% of the time for 10% of the people, it’s still worth a try. Hypnotherapy, qigong and quantum jumping out-perform these once you master and tap them like a seasoned pro.

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