You Can Be A Buddha Today

The Self cannot succeed or fail. It is in a completely different category. This is for the body–mind, this is for personalities.  You are the Self, living in a self-portrait as a person with attributes positive and negative. I am not telling you, You are good enough. I am telling you, You are complete and perfect before even the birth of time. Are you up for the full experience of that? 

This video can also be watched on

A video extract from the Satsang DVD ‘Give Me One Good Reason Why You Are not the Self.’ Zmar Silent Retreat, Portugal 21st May 2015, Session 1.

The full Satsang recording is available as downloadable video (mp4) and audio (mp3) in the Mooji Satsang Shop:…

Music: ‘Temple of Fire’ from the album Temple of Fire by Shivali…

Videos with Subtitles in many Foreign Languages…

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