MUST WATCH AND LISTEN! The Power of Silence

“This is not an exercise, but an invitation to sit in your own company.”

In this Satsang from the October Zmar silent retreat, Moojibaba guides us to the profound recognition of the ‘I Am’ awareness. We are invited to deepen and mature in this awareness of our fundamental nature, our own inner harmony.

“Greater than being with the king of a country is to be in the company of your own Self. Stay only as ‘I Am’—it’s going to be the most profound, wonderfully beautiful recognition for you.”

7 October 2019 | Evening Satsang ‘1st’ Zmar Silent Retreat 2019 Live music after Satsang: “Only Love” by Prem, performed by Prem and Sangita ~ This video is the ‘Satsang of the Week’ for 6 October 2019

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